Irakli Qadeishvili & Zviad esartia

My name is Irakli Qadeishvili and I was born on 22nd of May, 1989 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. I am an artist, muralist and an architect by profession. My passion for art started at an early age. When I was about four I made my first painting. The composition of the painting consisted of colorful circles – I tried to convey music through this picture. Subsequently, drawing became the primary source of my communication. As growing up, I created paintings on huge canvases and papers. I actively participated in various junior exhibitions, so I gradually started to realize what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In 2007, I started to study at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Then, I decided to create a 3D anamorphic street art with my friends, which inspired me to create large-scale artworks and therefore change the surrounding environment with my work. As a result, my paintings moved into the streets. My city is full of drab and monotonous Soviet architecture, however my murals add a touch of color to this “concrete jungle”. I constantly try to use bright and vivid colors to diversify the gray facades of buildings, which accompanied me throughout my childhood with a dark stripe.

Kiu 2020
Tbilisi 2021