Matthias Mross

Deliciously vibrant, stunningly precise and nonchalantly seducing – artworks by German artist Matthias Mross are the most brilliant transgression of street art, entering with serenity into the world of highbrow art. In street art the subjects that attach Matthias Mross might seem as not entirely new – but how he does his works is more than fresh and thrilling. His catchy eye and an immense talent make his hyper-realistic works not only authentic but actually groundbreaking. Although he is still being invited to paint on walls, his smaller scale pieces are taking his talent to the next level. Mross incarnates all that has been serving as inspiration in past few years – flashes of retro futurism, the odd aesthetics of the 1990s, suburban freedom, seducing power of youth and the game of contrast - when fake meets luxurious, countryside confronts city and artistry faces baloney. Youngsters, wearing their casual sport brand sweatpants, riding horses somewhere on the outskirts of a big city, are the heroes of a cycle entitled Urban Cowboys, where Mross takes a significant step forward, a liminal move that transgresses his art into something entirely new.